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Traditional Medical Practice

Traditional medicine, North Fulton Internal Medicine Group

How much will it cost?

It is our intent to keep our charges as reasonable as possible. Due to the high cost of billing, we request payment, including copayments, for all office visits at the time of service. Visits for lab work, referrals, etc., that do not coincide with an office visit may be subject to a co-pay as well. The fee for a particular service depends upon the complexity and number of problems and the time required to care for them.

Comprehensive Visit

Often the initial visit is most costly, with detailed history, physical and discussion of problems and solutions.

Extended Visit

An appointment where resolution of a problem requires time in excess of a standard office visit, or an appointment involving more than one problem.

Intermediate Visit

Standard office appointment. Usually 15 minutes and limited to treatment of a single problem.

Please feel free to discuss fees with the business office or us.

What about Medication?

Television advertising, drug company marketing and even patient expectations have fostered, at times, the overuse of medications. If reassurance or a "tincture of time" is what is required to resolve a problem, this, rather than medications, is what should be offered. Although medications are essential for specific conditions and particularly the relief of pain, the philosophy of a "pill for every problem" should be discouraged.

Will I have my "Own" Physician?

Absolutely, although there may be an occasion where, due to uncontrollable circumstances, you may be asked to see a physician not considered to be your primary doctor. This will be done only infrequently and only for your convenience as we believe it is essential to forge a strong and personal relationship with a single physician.

What if I need to call?

We encourage you to call if you have any questions regarding your condition, medication, treatment, or lab results. Our assistants are specially trained to answer your questions and assist in many matters. If you need to speak to one of us personally, we will return your call as soon as possible. Often in non-emergency situations, this will be at the end of the day. Please call during regular office hours for routine matters such as prescription refills, appointment scheduling, etc. You should hear from our office regarding laboratory results a few days after the test is performed.