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In Office Labs & Testing

In-office labs and testing, North Fulton Internal Medicine Group

We offer all types of laboratory testing both in the office and from a reference laboratory. There is no need to go to a separate lab or office as most labs can be drawn right here in our office by a professional phlebotomist.

Testing that is performed in the office will be resulted immediately with labs that are sent to the reference laboratory are typically resulted in as few as a couple of days.

You May See Your Labs Before We Do!

Beginning in mid to late August 2023, lab results will upload to the office and to your patient portal simultaneously.

This means you will receive your lab values without interpretation at the same time we receive them.

Please allow 3-5 office days for your provider's review to post to your portal.

*If you do not have access to your patient portal, please ask us!

Change in how and when lab results are received:

Beginning in August 2023, patients will receive lab results from LabCorp/Quest in their Healow patient portal at the same time the office receives the lab results.

The results you receive will be the data only and will not contain interpretation or recommendations. Your provider will review your labs and correlate with your history and exam to provide their recommendations. Depending on complexity, it may take 3-5 office days for your provider's interpretation and recommendations to be posted to your Healow patient portal.*

Some lab tests, like cultures, take longer for the lab to process and result. We may receive partial results several days (sometimes as many as 14 days) before we receive the final report for all labs ordered. In some cases, your provider's recommendations may need to await all testing to be resulted.

We will always communicate your lab results to you, even when they are within normal limits. If you have not received your provider's comments and recommendations in your patient portal after 5 business days please let us know.

Additionally, you may receive a request to schedule an appointment** to review your results directly with your provider. If an appointment is needed, please don't worry! We schedule appointments when results show a change that may warrant a new treatment plan or a new (or change in) medication. Creating an effective plan starts with an open discussion, an opportunity to ask questions and mutual understanding.

Additionally, even if you aren't asked to schedule an appointment, any time you have additional questions or would like to review your results directly with your provider, we are happy to schedule an appointment for you.**

*If you do not have access to your patient portal, please ask us! If you are unable to use the Healow mobile app or the website, we will work with you to find an alternative method.

**For your convenience, we offer telemedicine (TMV) and in-office appointments. Copay and office visit charges apply. Office visit charge amounts are determined by level of complexity, medical decision making, and time spent to exam and coordinate treatment plan.