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Personalized Medicine Program


Each patient receives a comprehensive medical evaluation that focuses on prevention as well as treatment of current health problems. Appointments are scheduled the same day or within 24 hours of your call. You will have direct acess to the physician during office hours, as well as the physician's cell phone number for urgent issues.


Though North Fulton Internal Medicine Group has never been a practice that treats high numbers of patients each day, the current healthcare insurance environment has forced physicians to work longer hours and move faster to see more patients. With Personalized Care, physicians will be able to practice medicine the way they have always wanted to, the way it should be. By limiting the number of patients and appointment times, they’ll be able to give quality time not only to them, but also to their own families.


Philip G. Huff, MD

Philip G. Huff, MD, North Fulton Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Philip Huff has been practicing internal medicine since 1986 and began his Personalized Medicine Practice in July of 2009.


Benefits of Personalized Care include:

  • Direct access to the physician, including a cell phone number for urgent issues
  • Visiting family and friends can be treated
  • A strong focus on prevention and wellness
  • Receive a portable electronic record for traveling
  • Secure web portal for emails, lab requests, billing information, and request refills and appointments.

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